Moroccan Blue Tansy Essential Oil Health Benefits

Moroccan Blue Tansy Essential Oil Health Benefits

Moroccan Blue Tansy – blue chamomile

Blue Tansy, commonly known as Moroccan blue chamomile is a herb grown mainly in the northern regions of Morocco. The leaves, flowers, and stem of this plant, upon distillation with steam produce a herbaceous and heavily scented essential oil, named the Moroccan blue tansy essential oil. The terpenes present in this oil gives it a rich, deep blue colour while its aroma makes it attractive to many people.

The Moroccan blue chamomile is nothing short of being beneficial for multiple diseases.  Here are a few common ways this oil helps you stay healthy:

Moroccan Blue Tansy essential oil - chamomile essential oil

Moroccan Blue Tansy essential oil – chamomile essential oil


Health Benefits of Moroccan Blue Tansy Essential Oil


An Organic cure for Wounds and Bruises

Its anti-inflammatory properties make it an exceptional way of speeding up the healing process and preventing any wound inflammation. Furthermore, its analgesic properties allow it to ease any pain. Because of its anti bacterial properties, the chances of a wound getting infected would also be nullified.


Endocrine System Stabilizer

Blue tansy essential oil can be used to stabilize the endocrine system, increasing the regulation of your hormones. This allows it to prevent endocrinal diseases.


Curative effects on Digestive Tract Disorders

Another application of the blue tansy essential oil lies in its ability to alleviate digestive tract disorders. It improves digestion, helps in curing dysentery, and reduces any digestive tract inflammation. It also kills pathogens and parasites present in the intestines, lowering the risk of any further diseases.

Health Benefits of Moroccan Blue Tansy Essential Oil

Health Benefits of Moroccan Blue Tansy Essential Oil


Fights Skin Infections

Due to the anti fungal properties possessed by the blue tansy essential oil, it is very effective against fungi that can lead to skin infections. Similarly, skin diseases like Dermatitis, Scabies, Eczema, Psoriasis, and Acne can also be cured by the proper use of this oil. Its moisturizing abilities help with dry, itchy and irritated skin. The blue tansy essential oil also contains all the essential nutrients required for healthy skin, consequently making your skin look fresh, glowing and smooth.


Soothes Sore Muscles and Sun Burns

The Moroccan blue tansy essential oil soothes sore muscles and reduces the ache, decreasing the joint inflammation. Hence, it can also be considered as a method to soothe arthritic joints, relieving the patient of any pain. Its soothing abilities also make it a worthy treatment for sunburnt skin.


Enhances Mental Faculties

Along with physical diseases, this oil is also a noteworthy cure for many mental problems. It alleviates depression, anxiety, nervousness, and anger. Its aromatic nature boosts positivity in one’s mind, treats insomnia and helps with control impulsive disorder.


Eases Breathing anomalies and other Respiratory diseases

Asthma and Emphysema symptoms can be controlled by the use of blue tansy essential oil. It also helps fight against allergies due to the presence of antihistamines. Other curable diseases include Cough, Chicken Pox, Measles and Mumps, Ear Infections, etcetera.


Works Wonders as an insect Repellent and prevent Insect Bites

The Blue Tansy essential oil works as an excellent insect repellent. Nor does it only prevent insect bites, but it also treats existing bites by helping with the itching and inflammation.

Nature never ceases to amaze mankind. The blue tansy essential oil is one of the most obvious examples of this statement. What makes this oil stand out is how remarkably easy it is to include in your daily healthcare routine. Ranging from skin infections to anxiety, this natural medication has got it all covered.


Difference between essential oil and vegetable oil

Difference between essential oil and vegetable oil

Essential oil and vegetable oil

Most of the time people ask one question what is the difference between an essential oil and vegetable oil due to their use in aromatherapy. As both of these oils are natural, they both contain therapeutic properties.The main difference between them is their distinctively diverse composition. There are many different types of essential oils and vegetable oils in the market that are used for aromatherapy practices. So, it is important to understand the main difference in between these two natural oils.

In this article, we are going to clarify the main difference points that distinguish essential oil from vegetable oil and vice versa.


Difference between essential oil and vegetable oil


Difference between essential oil and vegetable oil


What are Vegetable Oils?

Vegetable oils are those natural oils that are extracted from a large variety of plants. However, the part from where the oil is extracted depends on the type of the plant. The oil is extracted from some parts of the plant especially the leaves. However, when it comes to different plants it is extracted from the seed.

Similarly, whatever the type of oil extracted from the plants, the one which is best for aromatherapy is extracted in a cold pressed form. Most of the time, the plants that are subjected to high temperature lose some of their therapeutic characteristics.

Still, vegetable oils are usually called as fixed oils. It’s due to two reasons: First they are a non volatile and second they don’t evaporate like many other essential oils in the market, so to sum it up they are non-soluble substances in alcohol.

Difference between essential oil and vegetable oil

What are essential oils?

Like vegetable oils, essential oils are also extracted from plants. But, the oil is obtained  using different ways in nature. Moreover, essential oils despite their name are not oily like vegetable oils. This kind of oil is most commonly used in steam-distill or cold compressed form.

On the other hand, these oils are extracted from the heart of the plant, including flowers, grass, leaves, and roots as well as from the glandular hairs.

However, these are volatile and could easily evaporate at room temperature. The fragrance that plants release mostly in summer is due to the high temperature. Moreover, the essential oils easily dissolve in alcohol.


Uses of vegetable oils

The vegetable oils are famous as carrier oils because they carry essential oils to the human body. Moreover, this oil mostly uses in the manufacturing of aromatherapy lotions as well as in creams. However, these oils are used for body massage and have the greater therapeutic effect.

On the other hand, it is important to know that vegetable oils that are used for cooking purposes are different from these oils. Because they come in  a refined or pure form. Unlike those oils that are used for therapeutic purposes.


Uses of essential oils

Similarly, essential oils are used for different kinds of health issues and also in aromatherapy practice and massage. When essential oils are combined with vegetable oil, it makes a perfect skin care product.


Vegetable oils VS Essential oils

However, no doubt that the composition of both these oils is complex and the extraction of these oils depend on the type of plant. Similarly, both these oils have the same benefits but somehow different in nature. So, you can understand the main difference by observing what perfectly suits you.

Along with that, if you are looking for 100 % high quality and certified essential and vegetable oils, then is the perfect distributor of both types of products. So look no further for any other sellers on the market.

8 Powerhouse Herbs You Need To Add To Your Beauty Routine

8 Powerhouse Herbs You Need To Add To Your Beauty Routine

No matter how much the science and the makeup industry advances, it seems like our bodies love the herbal and natural items more than anything else. The reason for this maybe is that because these natural herbs and plants provide better results as compared to artificial product and also because they have no side effects associated with them anyway. Therefore, this article contains a brief description of the natural element. Most noteworthy of which are herbs that are bound to make your skin and hair more beautiful than they are now.


Herbs to Add To Your Skin Routine

Burdock for Acne Treatment

Basically, Burdock is a root that can be eaten either as a fried from in sesame oil and soy sauce or can be taken in the form of supplements. It is antibacterial, and hence clears away acne and other skin issues.


Gotu Kola against Aging

This is a very efficient herb and is rich in anti-inflammatory agents, therefore, it promotes the formation of collagen tissues in the skin. Most of all, it diminishes the growth of scar tissues and hence prevents the skin from aging speedily.


Oats to Heal Dryness

Oats can be a good medication for a dry skin. When applied externally, these can help reduce the dryness. Other than this, it is also known to cure the pain caused by dryness and other skin issues.


Chamomile to Soothe Puffiness

Roman chamomile in the form of oil can be very helpful to cure and soothe the puffiness caused around eyes. When applied in the form of a shampoo, it is very beneficial for hair.


Herbs to Add To Your Hair Routine


Calendula for Hair Lightning

Hair lighting is very trendy but using chemicals and other artificial elements to lighten the hair is a very dangerous thing. Calendula herb serves the hair in two ways. Not only it smoothens the hair but also lightens the hair in golden color. Calendula is also very helpful to remove the scars and heal the pains of sunburns, insect stings, acne, etc.


Bay Leaves against Dandruff

Using leaves of the bay herb can help remove the scalp dandruff and itchiness caused by infections too. The best way to use the bay leaves is to add their infusions into the bathing water and then wash and rinse the hair thoroughly.  The fatty oil extractions from the bay fruit prove to be very effective for hair and skin.


Nettle To Make Hair Thicker

Nettle tea is such a golden agent for your hair that just by merely drinking 1 cup every day, you can notice a very obvious change in your hair’s volume. It is advisable to soak the tea bags in water a little longer than usual for better results.


Henna as a Hair Dye

Henna is one of the most common as well as anciently used hair dye. It provides the hair with luster and reddish dye too.


Above are some of the beneficial herbs for your health. You need to consider them in your life. Bioprogreen

Health Benefits of Essential Oils

Health Benefits of Essential Oils

Essential oils – National Library of Medicine 

Essential oils are one of the kinds of oil, which are crafted and obtained from different natural resources. However, the resources, including bark, fruit, flower, leaf, seed or the roots of plants or even trees. The most amazing part is that even a single drop of the essential oils contains plenty of fruitful health impact. Mainly, these oils formulate through the separating and mixture procedure. The mixture which is most commonly known as distillation. These oils feature a property of most concentrated oils having an enchanting and bright fragrance.

It goes without a saying that the essential oils are most organic compounds that have magnificent healing and curing capabilities and the utilization of essential oils is commonly known as aromatherapy, which helps in the enhancement of emotional, physical and mental health.


 Health Benefits of Essential Oils

Health Benefits of Essential Oils

Health benefits of essential oils

Majorly, there are countless advantages that are associated with the use of essential oils. The benefits which are linked with health are most significant in this regard. Some of the most common of those benefits are as follows:


Resists cold & flu:

Cold and flu could be a major trouble that occurs during the winter season or for the sensitive ones. It could also happen when the weather changes. However, cold and flu could be the reasons to alleviate one’s overall productivity and also tend to cause irritability. So to get rid of cold and flue and fit appropriately against them, the essential oil help big time.


Soothes muscles:

The muscles of the human body are one of the fragile parts of the body. Also, muscles are more prone to pain, strain, and soreness due to different issues like the excessive workout, physical activities or sporting. However, the utilization of the essential oils is most vital in helping your muscles and relaxing the ache.


Body relaxation:

The human body could get exhausted and tired, it could be because of a burden of workload or even due to a sedentary lifestyle. People keep on using several kinds of chemical medications to assist with this exhaustive issue. Nevertheless, essential oils are naturally possessed with such powerful features that they totally relax your body throughout.


Diminishing of pain:

Every one of us is a victim of pain every now and then. Some might feel pain in the upper part of the body while the others could feel the same in other organs. Well, you do not need to worry any further, since the most organic, natural oils are most helpful in eliminating pain from almost all parts of your body.


Enhancement of metabolism:

If the food that you eat does not get digested in the proper way, it could lead to major disorder and diseases. To cater to the very issue, the essential oils are most helpful. As these help in easing out and regulating the digestion process of the food.


Good for respiration:

The respiratory process is most pivotal part of the body. Essentials oils have all those properties which purify and enhance the balance of your respiration system.


Personal caring:

Essential oils are most commonly and frequently suitable for personal care since they have widespread usage for internal and external health.


These are some of the amazing health benefits of essential oils. You need to add essential oils in your daily life, you will surely observe changes in your health.

The Vegetable oils, uses and its benefits

The Vegetable oils, uses and its benefits

History of Vegetable oils

Vegetable oils have become an essential part of our routine life. We have almost all kinds of oils extract to bring certain benefits and can utilize in a certain way. But what exactly a vegetable oil is? Well, basically, any oil that extracts from any vegetable, fruit or even the seeds known as the vegetable oil.

Vegetable oils are with humans for almost a century now. However, the first ever vegetable oil marketed was of the cottonseed and after that oil extracted from vegetable seeds gain the popularity. While in 1930 china started producing soybean and until 1950 soybean oil become the most favorite vegetable oil in the whole United States.



Some of the benefits associated with the vegetable oils are mentioned below.


Improve metabolism:

Vegetable-oils are the great source to improve the overall health of the metabolism in our body. As we all know that obesity has become a far greater fear for us. So in this situation, something which triggers the metabolism might be the need of the hour.


Lower the risk of heart diseases:

The vegetable oils are known for their beneficial role in lessening the heart risk in people with heart disease history. These oils are low in fats. So they could be a great source of protection from other fatty oils. In return reduces the issues including heart failure, increased blood pressure and many


Promote cell growth:

Sunflower, wheat germ and cottonseed oils are the great sources of vitamin E in the body. However, vitamin E is essential for the proper growth and functioning of the human cells.


Promote growth of the body:

Our body needs fatty acids for the growth. However, we do not have the natural ability to produce these fatty acids. Moreover, when we talk about vegetable-oils, these oils are the rich source of fatty acids. Especially, omega-3 and omega-6 are the best. These fatty acids are found in abundance in canola, flaxseed and soybean oils.


vegetable oils

vegetable oils



There are many uses of vegetable oils. However, some of them are as follows.


Culinary uses:

One of the main purposes of vegetable oils is to cook food. However, the vegetable oils use not only for cooking but also for various other culinary purposes, including shortening of baked products, giving textured and flavored to various recipes as well.


Industrial purposes:

The vegetable oils are the main ingredient in many industrial products including soaps, perfumes, candles and various other cosmetics. Furthermore, they are also high in demand for the electronics industry. These oils present a hazard-free insulation.  These oils provide the greatest source of an insulator for the electrical industry. Similarly, they are also highly biodegradable. In this way, these quickly degraded, if spilled out.



One of the most innovative and significant uses of vegetable oils nowadays is in the manufacturing of biodiesel. Not only to protect the environment but also to make the process easy and sustainable.



We at offer you the high-quality organic and naturally extracted vegetable oils in most pure form. We import and export in Morocco and worldwide. So take the opportunity and get the pure natural vegetable oil to have maximum advantage.