The eucalyptus tree (also known as Tasmanian Blue Gum) is an evergreen tree native to Australia that’s often thought of as the main food source of koala bears. the EUCALYPTUS GLOBULUS ESSENTIAL OIL extracted from eucalyptus leaves also have powerful medicinal properties. 


Interestingly, small towns in Australia discovered that EUCALYPTUS GLOBULUS ESSENTIAL OIL could be converted into a gas to light their homes, hotels, and shops.

Today, EUCALYPTUS GLOBULUS ESSENTIAL OIL uses have a broad range of health benefits including:

1. Colds & Flu 

Eucalyptus works as an expectorant and helps cleanse your body of toxins and harmful microorganisms that can make you feel sick. One of the most effective ways to utilize eucalyptus for colds is to drop several drops of the essential oil into your diffuser.

2. Hair Nourishment 

A few drops EUCALYPTUS GLOBULUS ESSENTIAL OIL with some coconut or olive oil gives your hair a nice moisturizing pick-me-up. This is especially great to ward off dandruff and an itchy scalp.

3. Hand Cleaner 

Eucalyptus EO is an excellent cleanser to remove grease and grime from your workday and can rejuvenate sore hands and feet when mixed with your salt bath. Simply mix sea salt, Epsom salt


4. Sinus and Allergies 

A study from NYU Medical School found that using eucalyptus was effective in treating sinusitis. Patients experienced faster improvement when supplementing with EUCALYPTUS GLOBULUS ESSENTIAL OIL for allergies and sinus issues.

5. Natural Home Care  

Not only does eucalyptus give a nice, fresh fragrance to your home products, but it adds vital anti-microbial properties as well. You can’t go wrong putting several drops into pretty much everything: soaplaundry detergent, mop water, toilet cleaner, window cleaner … the list goes on!

6. Odor Remover  

Whether you’re battling smelly shoes or a stinky dog bed, topically wash items to remove odors with a wet rag soaked in EUCALYPTUS GLOBULUS ESSENTIAL OIL-infused water, and place outside to dry in the sun.

7. Air Cleanser

Try putting a few drops into your vacuum and clothes dryer filters to freshen them up and sanitize them a little. Also, it’s great for killing mold in your home.

8. Spot Remover 

Like lemon essential oil, EUCALYPTUS GLOBULUS ESSENTIAL OIL is highly effective at removing spots on your carpet, clothes and basically every fabric you have in the house.

9. Respiratory Problems 

Using eucalyptus for asthma is a proven treatment that dilates the blood vessels and allows more oxygen into the lungs. Simply mix EUCALYPTUS GLOBULUS ESSENTIAL OIL, peppermint oil and coconut oil for a Homemade Vapor Rub.

10. Wound Treatment 

EUCALYPTUS GLOBULUS ESSENTIAL OIL has antimicrobial and antiseptic properties that are effective in treating wounds, burns, cuts, abrasions, sores, and scrapes.


Quick Details


Min.Order Quantity : 1 Liter/Liters

Supply Ability: 2000 Liter/Liters per Week

Port: Casablanca /Tanger MED / Agadir

Payment Terms: L/C,T/T,Western Union,MoneyGram,PAYPAL


Packaging & Delivery


Packaging Details : 40ml, 60ml, 100ml ,125ml, in PET plastic bottle with pump 250ml, 500 ml, 1Liter, 10 Liters, 20 liters, 25 liters ,33 Liters in drum with cap essential Oil can be 40ml, 60ml, 100ml ,250ml, 500 ml in amber or trasparent glass bottle with cap.

Delivery Time: 15 days after confirmation of all detaills and deposit


Place of Origin: Morocco
Processing type: Cold pressed
Form : oil
Use: Body, Face and hair
Supply Type: OBM (Original Brand Manufacturing)
Brand Name: BioProGreen or private labeling
Price: Ex-work
Cultivation type: Organic
FOB Price :Contact US


Product available in private labeling contact us for more informations : BioProGreen