Pepper essential oil

Pepper essential oil




The essential oil which is obtained from black pepper is known as black pepper essential oil. The oil has got all of the primary ingredients of black pepper, together with the extra advantage that it’s volatile and could be utilized in aromatherapy. The health benefits of Black Pepper Essential Oil could be related to its properties like a digestive, diaphoretic, carminative, aperient, antispasmodic, antirheumatic, antiarthritic, anti-bacterial, as well as antioxidant compound.

Health Benefits of Pepper Essential Oil


Black Pepper Oil is carminative so it helps eliminate gases as well as prohibit additional gas formation within the stomach as well as in the intestines. It may also help hinder bacteria that are responsible for the development of gas.

Antirheumatic & Anti-arthritic

These are two of the best qualities of black pepper oil. It really is warming, revitalizing as well as enhances circulation, therefore providing instant relief for rheumatism and arthritis, especially throughout the winter once the symptoms are aggravated the most. Additionally it is great at getting rid of toxins just like uric acid from the blood, therefore benefiting individuals struggling with chronic rheumatism, arthritis, and gout.


Black pepper oil has got mild purgative qualities, however it is safe for the system, unlike various other purgatives just like Castor Oil. It helps clean the intestines and at the same time, cures infections within the digestive and also the excretory system.


It is an effective antispasmodic and provides good relief in case there is cramps, muscles pulls, spasms, or convulsions.

Diaphoretic & Diuretic

Black pepper oil, whenever consumed, raises sweating as well as urination. Both these qualities perform a crucial role within the elimination of toxins through the body, clearing of the pores on the skin, and disinfecting the body. Sweating as well as urinating help remove extra water and fat through the body, therefore dropping pounds, reducing blood pressure and making the body very relaxed. These properties may also be ideal for reducing inflammation.


This is another advantageous property of black pepper oil. It safeguards the body from damages made by oxidants (free radicals) and also helps you to restore those damages which have recently been done. Additionally, it delays adverse affects of aging like vision loss, macular degeneration, wrinkling of the skin, degeneration and loosening of the muscles, lack of mobility within the joints, nervous disorders, and memory loss.


It’s got good anti-bacterial qualities that you could enjoy with no adverse side effects. It is extremely great at curing bacterial infections within the mouth, colon, digestive system, as well as urinary tract. In addition, it disinfects food that it is included with and protects them from bacterial infections for very long periods.


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Min.Order Quantity : 1 Liter/Liters

Supply Ability: 2000 Liter/Liters per Week

Port: Casablanca /Tanger MED / Agadir

Payment Terms: L/C,T/T,Western Union,MoneyGram,PAYPAL


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Packaging Details : 40ml, 60ml, 100ml ,125ml, in PET plastic bottle with pump 250ml, 500 ml, 1Liter, 10 Liters, 20 liters, 25 liters ,33 Liters in drum with cap essential Oil can be 40ml, 60ml, 100ml ,250ml, 500 ml in amber or trasparent glass bottle with cap.

Delivery Time: 15 days after confirmation of all detaills and deposit


Place of Origin: Morocco
Processing type: Cold pressed
Form : oil
Supply Type: OBM (Original Brand Manufacturing)
Brand Name: BioProGreen or private labeling
Price: Ex-work
Cultivation type: Organic
Main Ingredient: PEPPER
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