1/Essential oils in bulk: everything you need to know

Essential oils have gained popularity in recent years as natural remedies for a variety of health problems. Whether it’s to help relieve stress, improve sleep quality, or boost immunity, essential oils can provide a natural and effective alternative to traditional medicines.

If you are interested in essential oils, you can buy essential oils in bulk. In this article, we will explore the benefits of buying in bulk, common uses of essential oils, and precautions to take when using essential oils.

2/Benefits of buying essential oils in bulk

Buying essential oils in bulk can have many benefits, including:

Saving money: Buying in bulk is usually cheaper than buying small quantities of essential oils.

Sufficient quantities: If you use essential oils regularly, buying in bulk ensures that you have enough oil for regular use.

Ability to create your own blends: Bulk buying allows you to create your own custom blends of essential oils to meet your specific needs.

FAQ on 100% Essential Oils with Private Label
1/ How can I get samples?
We are pleased to offer samples. New customers need to pay for the courier fees, but the samples are free of charge for you, and these fees will be deducted from the payment of the official order. Regarding courier fees: You can arrange for an RPI (remote pickup) service with Fed Ex, UPS, DHL, TNT, etc.

2/ How does your factory behave in terms of quality control?
Quality is a priority! Every worker ensures quality control from start to finish:
All raw materials used are environmentally friendly.
Skilled workers take care of every detail by hand, whether it’s stamping, printing, sewing, or packaging.
The quality control department is specifically responsible for quality control in each process.

3/ Can your factory print or emboss my logo on the goods?

Yes, we can print your logo on the goods or their packaging box. For patent protection reasons, a lawyer’s letter (authorization letter) must be provided for the logo.
We usually produce the goods based on customers’ samples or based on the image, logo, sizes, etc.
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