About us

Herbs and spices Are a vital part of the Moroccan culture. Their role is far more than to aromatize the food but to give it a special flavor. The greatest impact of these herbs, essential oils and natural perfumes are physical as well as emotional. Bioprogreen is a Morocco-based brand who has established itself as the prime supplier or essential oils, herb and natural perfumes in Morocco. Furthermore, it is a renowned exporter of pure and natural essential oils, herbs, and perfumes all around the globe. We have with us a team of professionals, who believe in supplying the best product to the customers. Bioprogreen Morocco is committed to quality, and with  years of experience,With years of experience, we are very experienced in providing our customers the products they want.

As the largest supplier of natural herb and essential oils in Morocco, Bioprogreen Morocco offers the product in bulk to the other wholesellers and importers.No matter how large your order is  we will deliver it with the same enthusiasm and quality. There is no compromise on quality, and our team is very well aware of it. With hundreds and thousands of supply chains and happy customers, we try to provide service to every one of them with the same spirit and enthusiasm

Our ethics are simple- the more the quality, the stronger would be the healing or therapeutic effect. There are various suppliers of essential oils and other organic products. However, most of them pollute the natural ingredients with chemicals. Thus the product loses its effectiveness. The low effectiveness of such natural products makes people skeptical about them. Therefore, it is always prudent to buy such products from a trustworthy and reliable source. We only include pure plant ingredients in our products and not a single one of it is tested on animals.

Furthermore, we have the latest technology for the extraction and packaging of products. We make sure that none of our product gets contaminated during the process. So if you want to take advantage of all the natural ingredients, all you have to do is place an order with us.

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