MORUS LEAVES HERBS, a genus of flowering plants in the family Moraceae, comprises 10–16 species of deciduous trees commonly known as mulberries, growing wild and under cultivation in many temperate world regions.

The closely related genus Broussonetia is also commonly known as MORUS LEAVES HERBS, notably the paper mulberry, Broussonetia papyrifera. Mulberries are fast-growing when young, but soon become slow-growing and rarely exceed 10–15 meters (30–50 ft) tall. The leaves are alternately arranged, simple and often lobed and serrated on the margin. Lobes are more common on juvenile shoots than on mature trees.


MORUS LEAVES HERBS is 100% Caffeine Free & Tannin Free

  • GABA (Gamma Amino Butyric Acid) Assists to maintain blood pressure levels
  • 1-DNJ (1-Deoxinorjirimiycin) Helps to control blood-sugar levels
  • Phytosterol –Assists to reduce Cholesterol in the blood vessels
  • Quercetin – Excellent for the liver; shown to assist in the prevention of liver cancer.
  • Flavonoids – Powerful anti-oxidants
  • Carotenoids – Assist to decrease the risk of eye disease and certain cancers
  • Chlorophyll – Supports the heart, intestines, cleanses liver, & improves overall vascular health
  •  B1 – For Skin &Muscle Tone, Immune and Nervous System function
  •  B2 – For Digestive & Muscular Function
  •  B6 –  Assists nerve function, break down proteins, produces antibodies & hemoglobin
  •  C – Antioxidant with increasingly diverse uses in health promotion & disease prevention
  • Amino Acids – Providing Protein Building blocks essential to Healthy Living
  • Calcium, Potassium, Magnesium, Iron & Zinc
Scientific researchers of morus leaves

Overwhelming scientific evidence from research conducted at top medical institutions in the United States, India, France, and throughout Asia, prove that the MORUS LEAVES HERBS is one of the most powerful natural herbal supplements, and it can no longer be ignored as a potential solution to many health issues.

One of the most comprehensive studies was a 5-year research project that conclusively determined MORUS LEAVES HERBS have various preventive effects on adult diseases, weight management and improves overall wellness


Some of the effects OF MORUS LEAVES HERBS are:
  • Reducing level of blood sugar
  • Contributes to weight loss and management
  • Suppressing hypertension
  • Lowering cholesterol level in the body
  • Strengthening body parts such as the liver and kidney
  • Suppressing mutagenesis of carcinogens
  • Strengthening bone mass
  • Improving skin
  • Improving ability for digesting and assimilation
  • Enriching the blood and, in the process, soothing the nerves
  • Helpful in treating constipation
  • Helpful in preventing liver cancer through regular use
  • A great good source with its high level of protein, vitamins A, C and B family of vitamins, nutrients, minerals and amino acids.


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Place of Origin: Morocco
Processing type: Leaves Herbs
Form : Herb
Use: Body, Face and hair
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Cultivation type: Organic
Main Ingredient: MORUS LEAVES

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