PELLITORY ROOTS HERBS is considered to be the origin of Arab because Charak, Sushrut, and Vagbhatt do not mention about this. Probably Unani Hakims (herbal doctors) brought it to India. But today it is considered to be the most popular herb of India and Arab. It is cultivated in a few regions of India. The small shoots grow with the beginning of the rains. The root is pungent in taste and the person feels hot when it is chewed and a burning sensation is felt on the tongue. As far as quality is concerned the root found in Arab is better.

A headache

– Grind the roots and apply the lep on the forehead, to relieve a headache. Keep it in between the teeth to relieve a headache. On chewing it, the saliva is secreted and relieves a toothache.


– Grind it in vinegar, add honey and lick around 5 to 10 mg of this medicine to control the attacks of epilepsy. It is beneficial in case of fits if given along with Brahmi quash.


– Add the powder of its root with black pepper and honey, rub one gram of this mixture on the tongue to remove the dryness. It cures lisping of the tongue. It should be used for 4 to 6 weeks.

A toothache

– Take equal amount of PELLITORY ROOTS HERBS and camphor and grind it, use this powder to brush the teeth, it cures all types of a toothache. Gargle with the quashing of the root to cure a toothache and it also strengthens the looseness of teeth.

Throat problems

– Gargles with this water are beneficial in case of tongue, teeth and throat problems.

Bad Odor

– Take equal quantities of PELLITORY ROOTS HERBS, Nagarmotha, roasted plum, black pepper, rock salt, brush the teeth every day with this powder. It cures all types of dental problem and bad odor.

Heart disease

– Add Arjun chhal and PELLITORY ROOTS HERBS powder in equal quantities, grind it nicely and take half spoon twice daily to cure anxiety, palpitation, shivering, pain, and weakness. Take 20 to 25 mg of Kullajan, South, and Akarkara (PELLITORY ROOTS HERBS) and boil in 400 ml of water till it reduces to one-fourth quantity. This is beneficial in case of heart diseases.


Take one gram of PELLITORY ROOTS HERBS powder and lick with honey; it has an instant effect in case of hiccups.


Cook this powder in olive oil and massage the body, it helps in perspiration and bring down the temperature. Give 4 to 6 drops of Chirayata with 500 mg of this powder to cure chronic fever.


Sieve the PELLITORY ROOTS HERBS with a cloth and smell it to remove the blockages in respiration.

Acidity and loss of digestive fire

Take one gram of each of Shunthi powder and Akarkara, and take it to cure acidity and loss of digestive fire.


Add the PELLITORY ROOTS HERBS powder in walnut oil and massage the affected area.


Make 100 ml of quashing with Ushva and take it in case of wounds. Mix PELLITORY ROOTS HERBS powder and mustard powder with honey and apply the lep on the tongue to cure partial body pain.


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Cultivation type: Organic
Main Ingredient: PELLITORY ROOTS
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