Orange blossom water


Orange blossom water is a nutrient rich water that is used in cosmetics, cuisines and aromatherapy. Likewise, it is important that only high quality absolutely pure distilled orange blossom water may be used for these purposes. Oriental group Morocco is a trust-worthy brand producing 100% pure distilled orange blossom water with no additives.


Orange blossom water is rich in vitamin C due to which it is a noteworthy treatment for aging skin.

It soothes and refreshes skin in addition to being a gentle exfoliator.
It is also excellent for controlling oily skin.
It is used for aromatherapy as well.
Furthermore, it is perfectly safe to treat upset stomach as well.

How to use

Spray orange blossom water onto your face or damp a cotton pad with it and apply to your face.

Orange blossom water can be mixed in drinks or taken in as desired.

Oriental group Morocco is an established wholesale dealer of organic products like essential oils, floral water and handmade soaps. These products are available for worldwide delivery in customized packaging (glass, aluminum, plastic, hand-made) and size (starting from 10mL), with minimum ordering of 50 pieces and 1L per product. Buyers can also avail a discount on ordering more than 200 pieces. Furthermore, personalized designing option is available on ordering more than 100 pieces.

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