Rose water 


Rose water is an ancient beauty secret that is still being used due to its effectiveness in maintaining your skin’s beauty. Rose water is rich in anti-oxidants that soothe and rejuvenate your skin and furthermore, give a youthful glow to the skin. It is noteworthy that you use only high quality distilled rose water for your skin and hence oriental group Morocco provides 100% pure distilled rose water that can be used in multiple ways.


First of all, rose water penetrates deep into your skin and hydrates and moisturizes it.
It is rich in anti-oxidants due to which a youthful glow and fresh appearance is imparted to your skin.

It is also responsible for balancing the pH of your skin.
Consequently, regular use slows down skin aging.

How to use

Spray rose water daily onto your face.
For using it as a toner, damp a cotton pad with a few drops of rose water and apply to your skin.

Similarly, rose water can also be used in many DIY face packs and masks as per the recipe.
In addition to distilled rose water, oriental group Morocco offers a lot of organic products that are available for worldwide delivery with minimum order of 50 pieces and 1L per product. These products are shipped in custom packaging (glass, aluminum, plastic, hand-made) and quantity (starting from 10mL).in addition, personalized packaging and designing services are also provided.

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