8 Powerhouse Herbs You Need To Add To Your Beauty Routine

8 Powerhouse Herbs You Need To Add To Your Beauty Routine

No matter how much the science and the makeup industry advances, it seems like our bodies love the herbal and natural items more than anything else. The reason for this maybe is that because these natural herbs and plants provide better results as compared to artificial product and also because they have no side effects associated with them anyway. Therefore, this article contains a brief description of the natural element. Most noteworthy of which are herbs that are bound to make your skin and hair more beautiful than they are now.


Herbs to Add To Your Skin Routine

Burdock for Acne Treatment

Basically, Burdock is a root that can be eaten either as a fried from in sesame oil and soy sauce or can be taken in the form of supplements. It is antibacterial, and hence clears away acne and other skin issues.


Gotu Kola against Aging

This is a very efficient herb and is rich in anti-inflammatory agents, therefore, it promotes the formation of collagen tissues in the skin. Most of all, it diminishes the growth of scar tissues and hence prevents the skin from aging speedily.


Oats to Heal Dryness

Oats can be a good medication for a dry skin. When applied externally, these can help reduce the dryness. Other than this, it is also known to cure the pain caused by dryness and other skin issues.


Chamomile to Soothe Puffiness

Roman chamomile in the form of oil can be very helpful to cure and soothe the puffiness caused around eyes. When applied in the form of a shampoo, it is very beneficial for hair.


Herbs to Add To Your Hair Routine


Calendula for Hair Lightning

Hair lighting is very trendy but using chemicals and other artificial elements to lighten the hair is a very dangerous thing. Calendula herb serves the hair in two ways. Not only it smoothens the hair but also lightens the hair in golden color. Calendula is also very helpful to remove the scars and heal the pains of sunburns, insect stings, acne, etc.


Bay Leaves against Dandruff

Using leaves of the bay herb can help remove the scalp dandruff and itchiness caused by infections too. The best way to use the bay leaves is to add their infusions into the bathing water and then wash and rinse the hair thoroughly.  The fatty oil extractions from the bay fruit prove to be very effective for hair and skin.


Nettle To Make Hair Thicker

Nettle tea is such a golden agent for your hair that just by merely drinking 1 cup every day, you can notice a very obvious change in your hair’s volume. It is advisable to soak the tea bags in water a little longer than usual for better results.


Henna as a Hair Dye

Henna is one of the most common as well as anciently used hair dye. It provides the hair with luster and reddish dye too.


Above are some of the beneficial herbs for your health. You need to consider them in your life. Bioprogreen