Difference between essential oil and vegetable oil

Difference between essential oil and vegetable oil

Essential oil and vegetable oil

Most of the time people ask one question what is the difference between an essential oil and vegetable oil due to their use in aromatherapy. As both of these oils are natural, they both contain therapeutic properties.The main difference between them is their distinctively diverse composition. There are many different types of essential oils and vegetable oils in the market that are used for aromatherapy practices. So, it is important to understand the main difference in between these two natural oils.

In this article, we are going to clarify the main difference points that distinguish essential oil from vegetable oil and vice versa.


Difference between essential oil and vegetable oil


Difference between essential oil and vegetable oil


What are Vegetable Oils?

Vegetable oils are those natural oils that are extracted from a large variety of plants. However, the part from where the oil is extracted depends on the type of the plant. The oil is extracted from some parts of the plant especially the leaves. However, when it comes to different plants it is extracted from the seed.

Similarly, whatever the type of oil extracted from the plants, the one which is best for aromatherapy is extracted in a cold pressed form. Most of the time, the plants that are subjected to high temperature lose some of their therapeutic characteristics.

Still, vegetable oils are usually called as fixed oils. It’s due to two reasons: First they are a non volatile and second they don’t evaporate like many other essential oils in the market, so to sum it up they are non-soluble substances in alcohol.

Difference between essential oil and vegetable oil

What are essential oils?

Like vegetable oils, essential oils are also extracted from plants. But, the oil is obtained  using different ways in nature. Moreover, essential oils despite their name are not oily like vegetable oils. This kind of oil is most commonly used in steam-distill or cold compressed form.

On the other hand, these oils are extracted from the heart of the plant, including flowers, grass, leaves, and roots as well as from the glandular hairs.

However, these are volatile and could easily evaporate at room temperature. The fragrance that plants release mostly in summer is due to the high temperature. Moreover, the essential oils easily dissolve in alcohol.


Uses of vegetable oils

The vegetable oils are famous as carrier oils because they carry essential oils to the human body. Moreover, this oil mostly uses in the manufacturing of aromatherapy lotions as well as in creams. However, these oils are used for body massage and have the greater therapeutic effect.

On the other hand, it is important to know that vegetable oils that are used for cooking purposes are different from these oils. Because they come in  a refined or pure form. Unlike those oils that are used for therapeutic purposes.


Uses of essential oils

Similarly, essential oils are used for different kinds of health issues and also in aromatherapy practice and massage. When essential oils are combined with vegetable oil, it makes a perfect skin care product.


Vegetable oils VS Essential oils

However, no doubt that the composition of both these oils is complex and the extraction of these oils depend on the type of plant. Similarly, both these oils have the same benefits but somehow different in nature. So, you can understand the main difference by observing what perfectly suits you.

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The Vegetable oils, uses and its benefits

The Vegetable oils, uses and its benefits

History Vegetable oils

Firstly Vegetable oils have become an essential part of our routine life. Secondly, We have almost all kinds of oils extract to bring certain benefits and can utilize in a certain way. But what exactly a vegetable oil is? Well, and any oil that extracts from any vegetable, fruit, or even seeds known as vegetable oil.

And most important vegetable oils are with humans for almost a century now. However, the first-ever marketed was cottonseed, and after that oil extracted from vegetable seeds gain popularity. While in 1930 china started producing soybean and until 1950 soybean oil become the most favorite vegetable oil in the whole United States.

Benefits :

Some of the benefits associated with vegetable oils are mentioned below.

Improve metabolism :

Vegetable oils are a great source to improve the overall health of the metabolism in our body. So we all know that obesity has become a far greater fear for us. And in this situation, something which triggers the metabolism might be the need of the hour.

Lower risk of heart diseases :

The vegetable oils are known for their beneficial role in lessening the heart risk in people with heart disease history. These oils are low in fats. So they could be a great source of protection from other fatty oils. So In return reduces the issues including heart failure, increased blood pressure, and many

Promote cell growth :

Sunflower, wheat germ, and cottonseed oils are great sources of vitamin E in the body. However, vitamin E is essential for the proper growth and functioning of human cells.

Promote the growth of the body :

Our body needs fatty acids for growth. However, we do not have the natural ability to produce these fatty acids. Moreover, when we talk about vegetable oils, these oils are a rich source of fatty acids. Especially, omega-3 and omega-6 are the best. These fatty acids are found in abundance in canola, flaxseed, and soybean oils.


vegetable oils

Uses :

As you know there are many uses. However, some of them are as follows.

Culinary uses :

One of the main purposes of vegetable oils is to cook food. However, the vegetable oils use not only for cooking but also for various other culinary purposes, including shortening of baked products, giving textured and flavored to various recipes as well.

Industrial purposes :

Vegetable oils are the main ingredient in many industrial products including soaps, perfumes, candles, and various other cosmetics. Furthermore, they are also high in demand for the electronics industry. These oils present hazard-free insulation.  These oils provide the greatest source of an insulator for the electrical industry. Similarly, they are also highly biodegradable. In this way, these quickly degraded, if spilled out.

Fuel :

One of the most innovative and significant uses of this product nowadays is in the manufacturing of biodiesel. Not only to protect the environment but also to make the process easy and sustainable.

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