L’huile végétale de Cade , Une histoire excellence.


Discover BioProGreen Cade Oil: A Natural Treasure with Multiple Virtues

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A journey to the heart of tradition: The story of BioProGreen Cade Oil

The story of Cade oil at BioProGreen begins in the vast forests of the Mediterranean basin, where Cade juniper grows wild. For centuries, this oil has been used for its protective and regenerative properties. Inspired by this ancient tradition, BioProGreen decided to capture this pure and powerful essence to create a 100% natural and organic Cade oil, intended to revolutionize personal care and well-being for modern users.

Top 10 Benefits of BioProGreen Cade Oi

1Antiseptic properties : Ideal for the treatment of skin problems such as psoriasis, eczema or dermatitis.

2Anti-inflammatory effect : Quickly soothes skin irritations and redness.

3 Improved hair health : Effectively fights dandruff and helps reduce hair loss.

4 Skin protection : Creates a protective barrier against external pathogens.

5Naturally hydrating : Deeply nourishes dry skin.

6Support for healing : Accelerates the healing process of small wounds and light burns.

7Effective pest control : Used as a natural repellent against parasites and insects.


8 Authenticity and purity : 100% natural, without additives or preservatives.

9Sustainable and ecological : From sustainable sources that respect the environment.

10 Versatility of use : Incorporated into many cosmetic and therapeutic products.




Five creative ways to use BioProGreen Cade Oil


1As a hair mask : Mix Cade oil with coconut oil for a deeply nourishing treatment.

2As a massage oil : Use it to relax the muscles and calm the mind.

3In animal care : Apply to your pets’ coat to protect their skin and repel parasites.

4In aromatherapy : Add a few drops to a diffuser to purify the air and benefit from its relaxing properties.

5As an antifungal treatment : Incorporate it into your foot care routine to fight fungal infections.


Integration of Technical Data and Certifications

Each bottle of Cade BioProGreen oil comes with Detailed Technical Data Sheets (TDS), Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) and Certificates of Analysis (COA), assuring our customers of the quality and safety of our product . These documents are essential to inform our users of the properties, composition, methods of safe use, and measures in case of emergency, reflecting our commitment to transparency and trust.

Photo gallery

BioProGreen Cade Oil – Discover the rich, golden texture of our oil.

Application to the skin – See how to apply the oil to maximize its benefits.


Eco-responsible packaging – Admire our commitment to the planet with our sustainable packaging.


BioProGreen Cade Oil is not just a product; it is a promise of well-being and respect for the environment, designed for those looking to return to more natural and authentic skincare solutions. Embrace the purity of nature with BioProGreen!

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