Pine Essential Oil

Pine Essential Oil

Tonic and stimulating, Scots pine essential oil restores strength and vigor in the event of a slack. Refreshing and energizing, it frees the airways and diffuses a pleasant fragrance evoking a walk in the forest.


History of Pine Essential Oil

Scots Pines are slender trees with ocher-red bark, native to Asia, and growing in the mountains. Their longevity generally reaches 200 years but some of them can live more than 700 years.


Today, its natural range is extremely wide: it is found from the south of the Iberian Peninsula to Turkey, from the Scottish mountains to Manchuria via the far north of Siberia. It is commonly used in construction and in the manufacture of pulp, its wood being exploited to produce plywood peeling and in carpentry. It also produces turpentine and, of course, essential oil of Scots Pine.

Pine Essential Oil

Properties of Pine Essential Oil

The properties of Pine Essential Oil are explained by the presence of active compounds originally present in the needles and pine cones of Pinus sylvestris.

  • For health


Expectorant and mucolytic

The richness of the oil in alpha pinene stimulates the mucin glands, which thins the mucus and facilitates its elimination. A very interesting property to fight against cough.


Respiratory decongestant

Thanks to its richness in alpha pinene and limonene, Scots Pine oil tones the vein walls and helps improve blood and lymphatic circulation. 1,8-cineole is also very active in soothing inflammation of the entire respiratory tree.


Anti-inflammatory and analgesic

The pinenes contained in the oil are thermogenic, bringing a sensation of local heat while bornyl acetate is a central and peripheral analgesic.


Hormonal stimulant

The cortison-like activity of alpha pinene makes it effective in asthenia, usable in bronchitis, sinusitis and asthma.


Other properties:
  • Anti-infective and antiseptic
  • Immune stimulant
  • Hypo-allergenic
  • Venous and lymphatic decongestant
  • Utero-ovarian decongestant

  • For the well-being


Energizing and invigorating

Thanks to its richness in monoterpenes, Pine Essential Oil is a general tonic and stimulant for the body. This property is explained by the stimulation of the adrenal cortex.


Indications of Pine Essential Oil


Thanks to the many properties described above, Scots Pine oil has multiple indications.

Pine Essential Oil

  • For health

Immune deficiencies

The contribution of the essential oil to the antioxidant system and its immunomodulatory capacity makes it possible to globally increase the immune response to external aggressions. It is therefore recommended for diffusion in sick rooms, in the event of convalescence, epidemics and viral or bacterial infections.


ENT and respiratory disorders

Thanks to the expectorant, mucolytic and antitussive properties of Scots Pine, ENT infections are among the indications for the oil for inhalation, diffusion or massage, during the day because the essential oil is invigorating: asthma, ENT congestion, mucus, infection ENT and respiratory (nasopharyngitis, colds, bronchitis, etc.), stuffy nose, allergic rhinitis, sinusitis, cough.


Skin disorders

Its antibacterial and antiseptic properties encourage its use in case of eczema, skin mycosis or parasitosis: dilute in vegetable oil and apply to the affected part.


Joint and muscle pain

The anti-inflammatory and analgesic potential of Scots Pine helps relieve osteoarthritis, arthritis, sciatica, lumbago, rheumatism, stiffness and muscle/joint pain (dilute in vegetable oil and massage the painful area) .


Blood circulation disorders and hypotension

Dilute with a vegetable oil and massage the area concerned to take advantage of the venous decongestant virtues of Scots Pine oil, and its benefits on the following problems: cellulite, heavy legs, water retention.


Other indications
  • Anguish and anxiety
  • Concentration (favors)
  • Latent depression
  • Physical and mental fatigue
  • Fixations (persistent ideas or thoughts)
  • Nervousness and inner restlessness
  • Stress
  • Timidity


Use of Pine Essential Oil


Pine Essential Oil can be used in very different ways for a wide spectrum of diseases and symptoms. Nevertheless, in case of doubt, it is recommended to contact a professional in order to collect personalized and secure information, adapted to your medical situation, your profile and your age.


Cutaneous application, massage


It is best to test the essential oil before using it (two drops in the crook of your elbow for at least 24 hours to check that there is no reaction).


To treat respiratory infections, dilute one drop of essential oil with four drops of vegetable oil, then apply to the back, spine and soles of the feet.


  • Fatigue, convalescence: dilute with vegetable oil and massage the top of the kidneys, the bottom of the back, and the soles of the feet.
  • Cough: dilute with vegetable oil and massage the spine and soles of the feet.
  • For arthritis, osteoarthritis, sciatica, and lumbago: dilute with vegetable oil and massage the painful areas, also in the bath, mixing with a neutral base.
  • Muscle stiffness and pain: dilute with vegetable oil and massage the painful areas, also in the bath mixed with a neutral base.
  • Blood circulation (cellulite, heavy legs, water retention, etc.): dilute with vegetable oil and massage the affected area.
  • Hypotension: dilute with vegetable oil and massage the spine, or in olfaction and diffusion.

Branding and Package Design of Pine Essential Oil


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FAQ Pine Essential Oil:


  1. How can I get some samples?


  1. We are honored to offer you samples. New clients are expected to pay for the courier cost, the samples are free for you, and this charge will be deducted from the payment for formal order.


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